roulettetvcover.jpgDVD - Two episodes from Roulette TV, taped live In concert at Roulette, NYC in 2008, with composer interviews. Hosted by Phoebe Legere and directed by Terri Hanlon.
LOIS V VIERK: PART ONE - Words Fail Me for cello and piano | Demon Star for cello and marimba
Sachiko Kato, piano; Jody Redhage, cello; Matthew Gold, marimba
LOIS V VIERK: PART TWO - Manhattan Cascade for 4 accordions
Guy Klucevsek, accordion
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102.jpg SIMOOM - XI Records 102

go.jpg  "Go Guitars" for 5 electric guitars
Cirrus for 6 trumpets
Simoom (20:34) for 8 cellos
Dave Seidel, guitar; Gary Trosclair, trumpet; Ted Mook, cello

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River Beneath the River for string quartet
Into the Brightening Air for string quartet
Jagged Mesa for 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, 2 bass trombones
Red Shift for cello, electric guitar, percussion, synthesizer
Gary Trosclair, trumpet; Bruce Eidem, trombone; Christopher Banks, bass trombone; Eva Gruesser, violin; Patricia Davis, violin; Lois Martin, viola; Bruce Wang, cello; Ted Mook, cello; Dave Seidel, electric guitar; Lois V Vierk, synthesizer; Jim Pugliese, percussion. Cover art by Darcy Spitz.
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fileBYmxI_jpg_full.jpgIO - New World Records 80665

Vierk's Io performed by Margaret Lancaster, flute; Larry Polansky, electric guitar;Matthew Gold, marimba. Also works by Beyer, La Barbara, Polansky, Tenny.


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nwcr626_full.jpgMANHATTAN CASCADE - New World Records NWCR626

Vierk's Manhattan Cascade for 4 accordions performed by Guy Klucevsek. Also works by Childs, Coleman, Groesbeck, Kernis, King, Klucevsek, Marclay, Zorn.

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nwcr646_full.jpgBANG ON A CAN LIVE, VOL. 2 - New World Records NWCR646

Vierk's Red Shift IV for trumpet, electric guitar, piano/synthesizer, percussion is performed by A Cloud Nine Consort. Also works by Brooks, Brown, Hirsch, Kline, Lang, Mumford

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21ZZ9835GTL__SL500_AA300_.jpgOUTCOME INEVITABLE - O.O. Discs 17

Vierk's Timberline for flute, clarinet, bassoon, viola, contra bass, piano, percussion is performed by the Relâche Ensemble of Philadelphia. Also works by Ashley, Ho, Hovda.

Out of print, but a few copies available at

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vv-ronner-1.jpgCELESTIAL BALLROOM - Vexer Verlag CD

Vierk's Spin 2 for 2 pianos performed by pianists Claudia Rüegg and Petra Ronner. Double CD set with Cage's Three Dances and works by Crumb, Gasser, Ravel.

Available by post from Switzlerland or online at

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233_130.jpgThe NYFA Collection: 25 Years of New York New Music -
Innova 223

HEXA by Lois V Vierk and tap choreographer Anita Feldman for 3 tap dancers on Tap Dance Instrument (patented), percussion, live electronics is performed by Anita Feldman Tap.
5-CD set from the American Composers Forum contains works of 52 New York Foundation for the Arts fellows.

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oo36.jpgGO GUITARS - O.O. Discs 36

Vierk's "Go Guitars" for 5 electric guitars performed by Seth Josel. Also works by Josel, Niblock Tenney.


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209Cover1b.jpg FREE RANGE ACCORDION - Starkland STS 209

Vierk's Blue Jets Red Sprites for accordion performed by Guy Klucevsek. Also works by Bacharach, Hollmer, Kernis,   Kitzke, Klucevsek, Montague,   Satoh.


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