Scores and Parts

Scores and parts are available from Frog Peak Music or email Lois V Vierk -

You can view these scores and hear recordings at I Resound Press.

Spin 2 (1995) for 2 pianos

To Stare Astonished at the Sea (1994) for string piano (played entirely inside the piano)

Red Shift (1989) for cello, electric guitar, synthesizer, percussion

Red Shift 4 (1991) for trumpet, electric guitar, piano/synthesizer, percussion

go.jpg "Go Guitars" (1981) for 5 electric guitars. (The character go2.jpg in the title means "5" and is pronounced "go" in Japanese.)

Jagged Mesa (1990) for 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, 2 bass trombones

Io (1998) for amplified flute, amplified marimba, and electric guitar

River Beneath the River (1993) for string quartet

Into the Brightening Air (1994) for string quartet

Timberline (1991) for flute, clarinet, bassoon, viola, string bass, piano/synthesizer, percussion

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (1990) for piano

Cirrus (1987) for 6 trumpets

Simoom (1986) for 8 cellos

Manhattan Cascade (1985) for 4 accordions

TUSK (1981) for 18 trombones

Silversword (1996) for gagaku orchestra (Japanese court music orchestra)

Blue Jets Red Sprites (1996) for accordion

Devil's Punchbowl (1993) for orchestra

Attack Cat Polka (1988) for vocal soloist, accordion, violin, cello, percussion

Demon Star (1996) for cello and marimba

Kana (1976) for 3 tenor voices and 3 bass voices

Small Shadow in the Desert (1978) for 3 clarinets

Words Fail Me (2005) for cello and piano

Hexa by Lois V Vierk and Anita Feldman (1988) for 3 tap dancers on Tap Dance Instrument (patented), 1 percussionist, live electronics

Twister by Lois V Vierk and Anita Feldman (1993) for solo tap dancer on Tap Dance Instrument (patented); cello, marimba

Swash by Lois V Vierk and Anita Feldman (1994) for 2 tap dancers and 2 singers high voice